Analytics Assessment & Roadmap

Analytics teams must successfully realize business value to thrive within an organization, but analytics is a disruptive technology and many organizations fail the first time they attempt a major analytics initiative. 

Our Analytics Assessment & Roadmap consulting service provides an appraisal of your organization’s current analytics maturity—evaluating how your organization currently applies analytics and identifying opportunities for analytics to deliver more insight and value. The assessment benchmarks current analytic activities and processes relative to industry best practices. 

The goals of the assessment are to: 

  • Determine the analytics readiness and maturity of the organization. 
  • Highlight strengths and opportunities at the convergence of data, technology, and human capital. 
  • Provide a roadmap with actionable recommendations for improving the value of data and analytics within the organization. 

The assessment methodology covers the five dimensions needed to achieve analytics excellence. Sub-areas within each category focus on the specific components and questions that define key analytics capabilities.

Analytics Culture 

Having an analytics-minded culture is the single best indicator of future analytics success. Analytics is largely a technical discipline, but technical prowess alone is not sufficient to manage and adapt to the unexpected discoveries that are a routine part of analytics and data science. 

People & Human Capital 

Successful operational analytics requires curious and passionate teams with broad skills. These teams must be technical enough to deal with the multiple IT aspects of analytics, familiar with the complex mathematics of statistics, and creative problem solvers.  

Analytics Capabilities & Techniques 

The assessment of techniques examines the sophistication and rigor of the analytics approaches used by an organization. Nearly every organization is already doing analytics in some form; however, each varies significantly in their level of sophistication and in the types of tools used. 


Robust data and analytic processes are critical to achieving consistent and repeatable value from the information and intelligence that results from analytics. Well-engineered processes are also the key to increasing the velocity of information flow through the organization.  

IT & Data Infrastructure 

As shown in the figure, the value chain for analytics starts with a robust IT infrastructure and data storage platform capable of supporting the desired analytics and delivery processes.   

 Analytics and data science initiatives which get implemented have tremendous ROI, often returning many times their cost.  But most analytic projects attempted by organizations on their own do not make it to implementation, due to many hazards, primarily the non-technical “change management” challenge of making important operational decisions in a new way. Our Assessment takes these challenges into account in its recommendations, giving your organization the benefit of our decades of experience implementing hundreds of systems in scores of fields. 

View a sample Analytics Assessment report provided to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC).