Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring 


Our Executive Coaching service helps leadership teams guide their organizations to higher levels of data and analytics maturity, whether you are starting at ground level or are already advanced in the use of data and analytics in decision-making.  Ally with peer executives, on a retainer basis, who have the experience to help your team avoid hidden pitfalls, saving valuable time to bring analytics into fruitful production. 

Analytics Teams 

Our Analytics Teams Mentoring service quickly builds technical capabilities within your team by providing guidance on business questions, methods, software, and techniques. Our expert practitioners share cutting-edge machine learning methods and practical data science tips to bring your specific projects to successful deployment. 

Some examples include:  

  • Framing business questions 
  • Developing focused evaluation metrics 
  • Designing the analytics base table (ABT) database 
  • Selecting and implementing modeling algorithms 
  • Coaching and mentoring stakeholders on the entire analytics life cycle 
  • Hands-on modeling support and code walk-through 
  • Consulting on potential new and follow-on analytics efforts