Training Services – Teams

Tailored Training – for Teams

"The final projects alone more than paid for the cost of training.”

Training for teams is offered as a combination of foundational learning through our learning portal at and custom learning delivered by world-class instructors. Our instructors include popular authors and expert practitioners who blend the best of modern methods and practical implementation experience.

Training is customized to the specific needs of your team, including:

  • Updating skills
  • Learning new tools
  • Implementing new processes

Our experience has shown that the fastest path to value is achieved by providing a learning environment tailored to your organization.  This includes your:

  • Data
  • Analytics platform
  • Processes

With our tailored curriculum you select the specifics and we deliver a world-class learning experience with customized:

  • Timing: All-day or part-day sessions, or self-paced learning
  • Format: e-Learning, live, or classroom
  • Size: Small cohorts or large groups

Our Team Training Services

Custom Online Learning
We seek to bridge the gap between theory and value by providing learning that your team can immediately build on.
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Team Workshops
Workshops are designed to help meet specific goals and are tailored to your industry and level of expertise.
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Project Mentoring
Your projects will be scoped, supported, and guided by world-leading analysts, engineers, and data scientists.
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