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New Tool Helps States Reduce Unemployment Insurance Overpayment

This blog is dedicated to help agencies – who are wary of domestic and foreign abusers of the Unemployment Insurance system – by describing our successful fraud detection work, where and how it is being used, and how to leverage the lessons learned and tools built to identify FWA.

AUC: A Fatally Flawed Model Metric

In this blog Dr. John Elder helps readers understand the flaw of using Area Under the Curve (AUC) as a metric of model performance and better ways to measure that value.

Natural Language Processing for RegTech: Uncovering Hidden Patterns in Regulatory Documents

Blog highlights how Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps regulatory agencies, regulated enterprises, and markets understand unstructured regulatory documents without countless hours spent researching, reading, and analyzing. It helps analysts increase efficiency, derive actionable insights, and uncover hidden topics from large collections of rules, filings, or reports.

How and Why to Interpret Black Box Models