Policy Impact on COVID-19 Spread

Elder Research in partnership with the Emergent Alliance was asked to measure policy effects on COVID-19 spread for the UK government. Our team compiled a data set at the U.S. county level suitable for COVID-19 analytics, and, examined it at the county level to determine how U.S. policies have slowed COVID-19’s spread and if “reopening” reintroduces the risk of disease spread.

COVID-19: Second Wave

Search PPE Fills Supply Chain Gaps for PPE

Visualizing the Performance of COVID Models

Lockdowns Knock Down the Spread of COVID-19, but Only to a Point (and only early on)

COVID-19: Tuesday Blips in a “Downward Trajectory”

News reports of young people contracting serious cases of COVID-19 and even dying, but the disease is overwhelmingly a disease of older people. This blog explores the death rate from COVID-19 based on age and underlying conditions.

Coronavirus: Age and Health

COVID-19 Social Distancing Has Mitigated 2020 Flu Season

COVID-19 Asymptomatic Rates and Implications

Covid-19: Epidemiological Models vs. Statistical Models

COVID-19 Blog: Different models, and different runs of the same model, may differ both in their structure and their assumptions. This blog explores the differences between epidemiological models and statistical models used to assess the coronavirus

Is the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Being Slowed?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for clear and actionable analytics like never before. The world cannot wait for controlled scientific studies to be completed. To discover true relationships, we’d love to have structured detailed public data. But we usually must take the limited data at hand and quantify actionable insights in the face of uncertainty. This blog explores if Social Distancing is helping.