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The Customer is Always Wrong – Along with the Rest of Us

So, I could title this “We Are Almost Always Wrong”. Why am I highlighting the other party? Because over-fealty to the customer’s guidance can prevent us from discoveries even more valuable to them. The customer may know their pain well, but not the diagnosis or treatment. We must “trust but verify” as we discover how best to help them.

Cross the Finish Line with Keras Sequential (Neural Network) Modeling

Success With Analytics Starts With Data Literacy

The field of data analytics is dynamic with rapidly evolving innovations. To realize the potential of an enterprise-wide analytics program, leaders and managers at all levels need strong data literacy. Providing opportunities for continuous learning and sharpening of skills is necessary for a robust analytics enterprise able to reliably deliver measurable value to the organization.

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Do We Have the Right Data?

In this blog, Jeff Deal discusses the problem of organizations waiting until they have perfect data before starting an analytics project. In our experience the mistake of “waiting for perfect data” probably kills more projects than any other. So how do you know if you have the right data?

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