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Building a Successful Analytics Project from the Ground Up

Like a house built to withstand the seasons, a successful and sustainable analytics project must start with a firm foundation, a purposeful plan, a seasoned team, and the right tools and materials.

Creating a Legacy as a Chief Data Officer by Optimizing the Value of Data for Public Good

Blog reviews the enormous benefits when CDOs partner with program owners using a successful process to innovate and deliver real values to the federal government and our citizens. But analytics, if not properly supported and empowered, will yield little real value.

Success With Analytics Starts With Data Literacy

The field of data analytics is dynamic with rapidly evolving innovations. To realize the potential of an enterprise-wide analytics program, leaders and managers at all levels need strong data literacy. Providing opportunities for continuous learning and sharpening of skills is necessary for a robust analytics enterprise able to reliably deliver measurable value to the organization.

Roadmap to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Developing an Analytics Strategy: The Analytics Champion