Pioneers of a More Data Driven Union

Creating a Legacy as a Chief Data Officer by Optimizing the Value of Data for Public Good

Blog reviews the enormous benefits when CDOs partner with program owners using a successful process to innovate and deliver real values to the federal government and our citizens. But analytics, if not properly supported and empowered, will yield little real value.

Policy Impact on COVID-19 Spread

Elder Research in partnership with the Emergent Alliance was asked to measure policy effects on COVID-19 spread for the UK government. Our team compiled a data set at the U.S. county level suitable for COVID-19 analytics, and, examined it at the county level to determine how U.S. policies have slowed COVID-19’s spread and if “reopening” reintroduces the risk of disease spread.

Detecting Hidden Fraud Risk from Public Data

The Case for Government Investment in Analytics

Determining Federal Grant Recipient Fraud Risk

Automating Network Entity Detection

Prediction in the Public Sector: Why the Government Needs Predictive Analytics

Eric Siegel urges government agencies to advance the deployment of data science to aptly serve the needs of citizens. Data can appear lifeless and dull on the surface, but data encodes great quantities of experience, and computers can learn from that experience to make everything work better.

Detecting Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims

Improving Unemployment Insurance Claim Fraud Detection

Blog post from Elder Research discusses using analytics to help reduce overpayments and underpayments in unemployment insurance claims and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse for the U.S. Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center of Excellence.

Improving Workers’ Compensation Fraud Detection

Blog post from Elder Research discusses using analytics to help reduce provider fraud, waste, and abuse for a national workers’ compensation insurance provider.

A Turnstile Solution to Streaming Anomaly Detection

Elder Research Analyst Matt Gordon discusses the details of using Elder Research’s Turnstile tool to detect anomalies in streaming data sets.

Can Government Analytics Curtail the Opioid Epidemic?

DoD’s Third Offset – Science Fact or Fantasy?

What Does the OPEN Government Data Act Mean for U.S. Citizens?