Gerhard Pilcher Joins Data Coalition Board of Directors

April 29, 2019

The Data Coalition welcomed Gerhard Pilcher, Elder Research CEO, as a new member of the Board of Directors. Elder Research has been a member of the Data Coalition since 2015 and upgraded to Partner Membership. The Data Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data.

Mike Reddington Attending Advanced Model Validation Conference

March 19, 2019

Senior Data Scientist Mike Reddington will attend the Advanced Model Validation conference in New York City on March 20, 2019. The conference will explore key advancements in model risk validation frameworks and procedures to elevate success and achieve longevity of risk management efforts. Areas like developing a CECL roadmap, leveraging emerging tools and technologies to elevate model risk validation procedures, and decoding regulatory expectations to ensure compliance are just some of the topics that will be covered.

Elder Research Achieves Standard Consulting Partner Tier in AWS Partner Network

December 13, 2018

Elder Research is excited to announce that we've recently become a Standard Consulting Partner within the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate and manage cloud solutions built on AWS.

“We're pleased to have achieved this level as a Standard Consulting Partner within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. We believe that the combined strength of AWS, as the market leading cloud provider, combined with Elder Research’s over two decades of consulting expertise in applied data science, data engineering, and data visualization will only continue to pay dividends for our clients seeking cloud-based analytic solutions to their business problems.” says Isaiah Goodall, Director of Business Development and Sales.

Learn more about the APN program here.

Elder Research Attending Python Charlottesville Data Science Meet-Up

December 3, 2018

Data scientists from Elder Research will join other local data scientists at the Python Charlottesville Meet-up on December 4th to discuss Data Visualization with Python from Two Perspectives on December 4, 2018. Senior Data Scientist at S&P Global, Matt Hawthorn, will present Graph Visualization with Bokeh and NetworkX and Project Manager, Jolene Esposito, will present Getting Started with Data Visualization.

Gerhard Pilcher Spoke at Federal Government’s Data Strategy Forum

November 8, 2018

Elder Research CEO Gerhard Pilcher spoke at the Federal Government’s Data Strategy Forum hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center and the White House Office of Management and Budget on November 8, 2018 in Washington, DC.  The forum provided an opportunity for the public, including businesses and other stakeholders, to offer feedback on a draft set of practices that will serve as the basis for new expectations agencies will have for data governance, management, protection, use, and partnerships.

Gerhard Pilcher Quoted in CIO Australia Article

July 10, 2018

At a recent two-city breakfast event in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Elder Research CEO Gerhard Pilcher urged businesses to conduct a reality check and set appropriate expectations for advanced analytics. In his keynote address, Gerhard discussed how AI is shaping the world, and how it can incrementally help businesses. Read more in the CIO article "Industry Experts Reveal Power and Vision of Advanced Analytics".

Robert Pitney's Article on A Blueprint for Effective Analytics Programs Published in PA Times

July 2, 2018

Senior Data Scientist Robert Pitney's article "Analytics Assessment: A Blueprint for Effective Analytics Programs" was published in Predictive Analytics Times. The article discusses the importance of doing an Analytics Assessment to developing a well-conceived analytics strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and generate significant return on investment using analytics.

Tom Shafer Wins Blackmarker Machine Learning Modeling Contest

June 25, 2018

Data Scientist Tom Shafer has been declared the winner of its Blackmarker ML Modeling Contest.  Tom’s model outperformed all other contest entries and was validated with a 250 document out-of-sample evaluation set which produced an F-measure that exceeds the threshold for a doubling of the prize money.

According to Zach Buckner, CEO of Blackmarker, “Tom’s model leveraged innovative features that he developed over top of the original data, including some NLP-based features.  It also employed some clever tactics, such as altering the shape of the page targets that were provided by a commercial OCR package and by our proprietary Glyphic processing engine. This result is a testament to his exceptional talent as a data scientist.  We’re delighted with his work and with the results of the contest, which will be incorporated into our application to drive even greater accuracy.”  

Dustin Hux Receives Alfred C. Weaver Award for Industry

June 18, 2018

Dustin Hux received the Alfred C. Weaver Award for Industry. The award is presented by the University of Virginia Applied Research Institute to three individuals, one each from government, industry, and academia who serve as examples of one of the Applied Research Institute’s primary missions, to support and encourage collaboration in research and development among these three groups.

Dr. Alfred Weaver, Professor of Computer Science and Founding Director of the Applied Research Institute, has worked throughout his career to create new research programs, educational opportunities and collaborative work environments to support the broader Defense and Intelligence Communities. As Founding Director of the Applied Research Institute, Dr. Weaver recognized the opportunity to bring together the resources of the University of Virginia, with those of industry and government alike, to harness the collective power of these diverse groups.

Dr. Aric LaBarr Teaching a Course on Product Demand Forecasting in R at Datacamp

April 25, 2018

Director and Senior Scientist  Dr. Aric LaBarr designed and is the instructor for a course in Product Demand Forecasting in R at Datacamp. The course unlocks the process of predicting product demand through the use of R and students will learn how to identify important drivers of demand, look at seasonal effects, and predict demand for a hierarchy of products from a real world example. 

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