Jennifer Schaff Announced as a Winner of the DREAM Parkinson’s Disease Digital Biomarker Challenge

January 18, 2018

Data Scientist Jennifer Schaff, Ph.D. was announced as one of the winners of the DREAM Parkinson’s Disease Digital Biomarker Challenge. Jennifer used statistical methods to derive features and feature selection to develop the top performing submission in predicting dyskinesia severity with a 59% improvement over baseline models. More than 440 data experts participated in the challenge worldwide. The DREAM Challenge is funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Gerhard Pilcher & Jeff Deal Interviewed for The Big Biz Show

January 2, 2018

Jeff Deal and Gerhard Pilcher join Bob "Sully" Sullivan and Russ T. Nailz, hosts of the Big Biz show which airs as Sully's Biz Brew on the Youtoo America Television Network, to discuss their book Mining Your Own Businessa practical guide on analytics for organizational leaders and top-level executives. Sully's Biz Brew Schedule

Aric LaBarr Spoke on Model Validation at Duke University

November 6, 2017

Senior Data Scientist Aric LaBarr spoke on Model Validation to Masters of Statistical Science students at Duke University on October 31, 2017.

RightShip Presenting Predictive Model Validated by Elder Research at PAW Business

October 26, 2017

Bryan Guenther, Qi Program Manager at RightShip, will present "Overcoming Challenges Implementing a Risk Model in the Maritime Industry" at Predictive Analytics World for Business in New York City on October 31st. The session will highlight challenges with implementing Predictive Analytics  in a unique, ground-breaking case study of predictive model deployment in the maritime industry. Prior to launch RightShip contracted Elder Research to validate the Qi models predictive performance.

Wanye Folta's Article on Nested Cross Validation Published in PA Times

September 27, 2017

Data Scientist Wayne Folta's article "Nested Cross Validation: When (Simple) Cross Validation Isn’t Enough" was published in Predictive Analytics Times. The article addresses the proper use and partitioning of cross validation to help avoid under-performance in predictive models once deployed.

Zach Lamberty to Teach Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Computing at Georgetown University

September 12, 2017

Data Scientist Zach Lamberty designed and will teach a new graduate course Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Computing for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgetown University. The goals for this hands-on course are to learn about advanced computational tools and methods utilized in the data science field, including how to use and administer cloud computing resources, useful utilities in the Linux environment, and the AWS suite of cloud services. Among the AWS services the course will focus on general use services (e.g. EC2, S3), the Hadoop distributed computing ecosystem, the map reduce framework, and the application of these concepts to working with and understanding large datasets.

Stuart Price to Teach Mathematical and Statistical Computing at Georgetown University

September 12, 2017

Data Scientist Dr. Stuart Price will teach the graduate course Mathematical and Statistical Computing for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgetown University. The goal of this course is to provide students with programming background sufficient for graduate level study in mathematics and statistics. The course gives an introduction to R, SAS, Python and cloud computing. Statistical topics to be covered include data management, simulation, descriptive statistics, graphical displays, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression models, and simple multivariate analysis methods.

Gerhard Pilcher to be Inducted into NC State Department of Computer Science Alumni Hall of Fame

August 29, 2017

Gerhard Pilcher was selected as an inaugural member of the new NC State Department of Computer Science (CSC) Alumni Hall of Fame! This extraordinary honor celebrates and recognizes the exemplary contributions the outstanding graduates have made to their profession, their community, and to the world at large.  The University hopes that award winners will inspire current and future students, while promoting the department's global impact for producing incredible talent that embodies the University's mantra to "Think and Do the Extraordinary!". The inaugural class of 25 was selected from more than 9,000 CSC alumni and will be honored at a special luncheon and induction ceremony on October 12, 2017.

Miriam Friedel Discusses Humanity's Role in a Data-Driven Future with APQC

August 15, 2017

Miriam Friedel, PhD participated in APQC’s Data Driven by Design series. Organizations cite establishing a data-driven culture as their top challenge when it comes to data and analytics. To help address that challenge APQC posed the question: What is the role of the human mind (i.e., intuition, experience, acumen) in a business environment that's becoming increasingly automated and data driven?

Postal Service Busted Up a Billion-Dollar Drug Problem with Data

July 10, 2017

Kelly Tshibaka, chief data officer within the Postal Service’s OIG, revealed the impact of using a fraud detection solution called RADR developed by Elder Research to investigate a spike in health care costs revolving around workers’ compensation claims and spending on prescription drugs at the Department of Labor. The increased spending was a coordinated effort between several parties attempting to fleece the government for millions of dollars. The scam focused on compound drugs, which allows multiple medications to be blended into a single pill but is billed full price for each medication.

In total, the Office of the Chief Data Officer she heads has used analytics to peruse millions of pages of paperwork to produce more than 500 leads for investigators across the $13 billion the Postal Service spends on contracts annually, with “only one of them a false positive.”

“Last year, our tools and models helped us contribute to $920 million in findings,” Tshibaka said. “Anyone in the position of having to do more with less? Your answer is data analytics.” Read more.

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