Course: Making Text Mining Work

Making Text Mining Work

Practical Methods and Solutions

Text Mining is the science of leveraging textual data for data mining. Text, a type of unstructured data, is challenging due to the richness and complexity of language, but holds enormous potential due to the sheer volume and depth of available textual data. Text mining and text analytics can be valuable tools, if you know where to look for the solution.

This course describes the leading text mining algorithms, demonstrates their performance with business case studies, compares their merits, and how to pick the approach best suited for a project. Methods covered include search indexes, text classification, information extraction, document similarity and more.

What you will learn:

  • The key to successfully leveraging text mining methods and understanding the limits of those techniques.
  • How to set positive but realizable expectations for the return on investment from a text mining project.
  • How to choose the proper text mining solution and combine technologies to maximize the value of the vast store of unstructured data.
  • Examples of the top analytics mistakes and how to avoid them.

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