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Mini Course Technical Track

Network Analysis for Fraud Detection with Open-Source Tools

October 18, 2016

Although fraud or other bad behavior can occur at an individual level, in many contexts it is more illuminating to examine how individuals are connected and how their behavior appears from a network perspective. In this mini-course, we will introduce and demonstrate ways of using network analysis techniques to identify possible fraudulent or anomalous activity. Example code will be provided using the statistical programming language R and the network analysis package igraph.

About the Presenter

Ryan-McGibony.jpgData Scientist Ryan McGibony came to Elder Research after earning a Master of Science in Analytics from North Carolina State University. In his previous work, he conducted and analyzed custom marketing research for corporate and non-profit clients at a full-service research firm. While there, he gained experience in customer segmentation and predictive modeling techniques. Ryan also spent two years in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer, supporting the staff of a local chamber of commerce in improving their service delivery to member businesses. Throughout his career, Ryan has enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients, taking care to understand their needs, and finding solutions to their problems.  

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