Where CPG Organizations are Putting AI & Machine Learning to Work

In this interview with Consumer Goods Technology publication, Dr. Jennifer Schaff, Managing Director of Commercial North America at Elder Research, discusses how AI & ML are being used within the Consumer Goods industry to unlock innovation and drive growth.

In her discussion, she breaks down some of the primary areas of the consumer goods industry that are ripe for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ROI.

She shares some detailed examples of strategies that are working well and not so well, as well as the challenges and roadblocks surrounding AI and ML implementations. As part of this, Dr. Schaff shares some of the greatest risks and threats to these initiatives right now and offers advice for CPG leaders to de-risk their AI and ML initiatives.

In this interview you will learn:

  1. The primary areas of the business that are ripe for AI/ML return on investment for the CPG industry.
  2. The success and roadblocks Dr. Schaff has seen while implementing AI/ML with different customers.
  3. The greatest risks and threats to AI/ML initiatives in the CPG industry.
  4. How organizations can de-risk themselves from those risks and threats.
  5. Recommendations for those that want to get started with AI/ML but don’t know where to begin.