NLP Workshop for Data Science Teams

Drive more effective decisions. Deliver tangible business results.

Learn to Extract Valuable Insights from Unstructured Text

Gain value from the unexplored sea of unstructured text by training your data science team to understand the practices of natural language processing (NLP) and text mining.

This course provides teams with a methodical step-by-step framework to develop end-to-end text analytics solutions that deliver actionable insights to your business.

Workshop Details


What Will Your Team Learn?

This workshop provides an introduction and overview of text mining and NLP field, tools, platforms. Topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Data preparation
  • Predictive modeling with text
  • Document search, retrieval, and clustering
  • Information extraction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Deep neural networks
  • Context and transfer learning


Full day. Virtual or in-person. Up to 20 students.


Live instruction. Numerous case studies. Dynamic Q&A.


All teaching resources & follow-on materials delivered at the end of the course.


$20K plus travel expenses at cost if in-person.

Lead Instructors

Our seasoned lead instructors have decades of data science experience and have taught leading universities, presented as keynote speakers, and taught at Fortune 500 organizations.

Mike Thurber
Principal Scientist


Mike Thurber is the Principal Scientist in Elder Research’s Commercial Analytics Group working across multiple teams and industries – including finance, retail, energy, and telecom – to deliver information products that drive business value.  His expertise in collaboration, data exploration, predictive modeling and rigorous testing, and in remediating the selection bias common to analytic algorithms, creates confidence in the actions recommended by the analytic products of his team. For the last four years, Mike has been teaching principles and best practices of predictive modeling to a broad audience of emerging data scientists.

Dr. Jennifer Schaff
Managing Director


Dr. Jennifer Schaff leads Elder Research’s Commercial business unit where she advises organizational decision makers to help them realize maximum value from their analytics investments. In her 20 years of management, data analysis, and business experience, Dr. Schaff has built her reputation as a “Barricade Buster” in the Data Analytics industry. Her experience has uncovered that business barriers – defining the right opportunity and consumer, delivering the pertinent results to guide data driven decisions, and implementing the change processes – rather than model building, is where analytics initiatives often fail. Dr. Schaff channels this approach into a passion for guiding organizations through these business challenges to maximize their analytics ROI.

Dr. Tom Shafer
Lead Data Scientist


Dr. Tom Shafer has years of experience developing and applying computational tools in multiple domains. At Elder Research, he leads or contributes to projects in many areas including deep neural networks for object detection, biomedical analytics, text mining, graph analytics and network science, high performance computing, database development, fraud detection, modeling of consumer product goods, and developing data science training materials.

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Why NLP Training?

More than 80% of enterprise data is unstructured data, much of which is made up of unstructured text. Text mining and NLP can help organizations drive business insights but are difficult disciplines that are underutilized due to lack of experience in the field.

Our one-day NLP Workshop empowers your data science team to leverage text mining and NLP techniques towards practical business solutions. Gaining these skills will significantly improve your team’s ability to deliver meaningful insights that inform decisions and deliver tangible business value.

After completing this workshop, your data science team members will gain a practitioner’s insight into building text and NLP data pipelines, starting from text data preparation to prediction to advanced language modeling.

Why Elder Research?

Practical Experience

25-years of experience across many industries with 250+ ML/AI projects completed in the last 3 years alone.
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Expert Instructors

Our Founder, Dr. John Elder, co-authored “Practical Text Mining” (PROSE Award Winner) and many of our senior scientists are frequent instructors at graduate programs, conferences, and workshops across the globe.
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Trusted Training

Our training services have been trusted by over 50,000 individuals over the last 15 years.
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We tailor our workshops for you to provide dynamic, engaging curriculum that is critical to robust learning.
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