The Gap: Is it Leadership?

An Executive Overview for Harnessing Analytics Insight

Data Analytics is a hot topic, and deservedly so.  It powers exponential growth in modern behemoths like Google and Facebook but also drives positive transformation in ancient businesses and agencies - helping to cut costs, uncover fraud, discover new markets, etc.  Still, many analytic initiatives are never implemented, though they are complete technical successes; they are proven to work but never given the chance.  What is going wrong?

We explore the heretical thought that leadership is getting in the way - that leaders often inadvertently nurture organizational inertia that diminishes, or completely eliminates, the chance for success with analytics.  Learn instead how to harness its counter-intuitive insights, as illustrated by tales from the front lines of this emerging field.

Intended Audience: C-level Managers, Analytics Champion, Analytics Project Managers

Duration: 2 Hours

Location/Format: Webcast

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