Increasingly, leadership teams in the modern business climate are intrigued by the opportunity for new insights arising from the application of new software, modeling techniques, and large and diverse Big Data sources. Properly executed data analytics can elevate a solid business into an insightful and intuitive leader in its industry.

There are many levels of analytics and at Elder Research, we know that the real power of data science consulting is not harnessed with a ”one-size-fits-all” approach. It thrives when business leaders engage technology experts who can not only help them build successful analytics solutions, but also a comprehensive analytics culture that touches every aspect of their organization. Effective analytic solutions can transform an organization by providing a sustained competitive advantage.

Each business is unique, so to help our customers utilize the best application of data analytics, Elder Research offers a full spectrum of analytics consulting services to address the many ways data science can be applied to real-world business challenges. Elder Research fully assesses each unique analytical environment to accurately frame the business objective, and implement solutions that deliver maximum value.

We help our clients craft an internal analytics culture that delivers value long after our first consultation, and we serve as a partner to help our customers find the right match between the available data science technologies and their specific business challenges.

Elder Research Consulting Solutions

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap
Let us walk you through the basic building blocks of a successful analytics strategy.

Data Science Consulting
Developing prototypes and customized analytic solutions starts with a practical approach to data science.

Data Visualization
Elder Research provides custom data visualization solutions to make the results of our analytics solutions accessible and understandable to stakeholders so they can take action and make more informed decisions.

Software Tools & Scientific Engineering
As a world leader in optimization and analytics, Elder Research offers software solutions to more effectively visualize the data, automate and optimize business processes, and make better decisions.

Analytics Training
Develop a common foundation for data analytics and enhance your team’s technical and non-technical knowledge base with focused analytics training.

Speaking Services

Drawing on decades of practical experience our speakers make analytics understandable and accessible for your conferences or corporate event.

Agile Data Science Approach

Predictive modeling is a research task. It is difficult to know in advance which algorithms and variables, when combined, will reveal the secrets a data set may be concealing. To mitigate risk, Elder Research conducts a rigorous experimental research design and analysis process we call Agile Data Science where all aspects of the model and business hypotheses are carefully detailed and tested throughout the project.

Learn how our experienced approach to data analysis can help you transform your business using an Agile Data Science methodology to mitigate risk and quickly deliver actionable results.

Tools We Like

Explore some of the software tools we like to use to provide cutting edge analytics solutions for our clients.